To increase the potential of people to unite in caring for each other.

Community Partnership

Creating a Shared Vision

The CUBS network is composed of more than 150 local agencies, offices, organizations, churches, institutions, and other entities dedicated to the well-being of our community. At any point that an individual or family with multiple needs makes contact with the network, permission will be sought to activate the network to address those needs. Through CUBS, we are changing the way we care for our own.

CUBS Offers:

  • A comprehensive, regularly updated directory of more than 150resources available to community members. This directory has historically been published in a print format and available in multiple locations around the community. As of 2020, this directory is also available online through our website.
  • Use of CUBS consent form which facilitates involvement of all appropriate CUBS members in collaborative efforts on behalf of community members with special needs.
  • Quarterly meeting of all CUBS members to identify and address community needs, share program and other information of mutual interest, and to update directory information.

Are you ready to become a member of CUBS?


CUBS had its first meeting on May 31, 1995, for the purpose of bringing every public service organization in the area together to make sure resources were being used to help the community as effectively as possible. CUBS was started in response to the Murray Calloway County United Way’s mission statement at the time, which was to “increase the potential of people to unite in caring for each other.”

CUBS has been instrumental with getting several organizations started in Calloway County over the years, including Angel’s Community Clinic, Angel’s Attic, and The Gentry House, among others. For more than 20 years, CUBS has put out a printed nonprofit, quick-reference directory brochure for community members.